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We recommend you to get your eye examination done at least one time a year for better preventive measures and best results. In this way, if there are any signs of a visual disease or condition, then it will be detected and treated in time.
A child should be at least 6 years old to get an eye exam. This way the vision issues of a kid can be prevented at an early age. Parents must get their children’s eye examinations done at the recommended age as kids don’t understand the wrong vision themselves. If in case you observe some issues with your kids’ vision even before the recommended age, then you should book an appointment with us immediately.
Age is not the main factor to determine your eligibility to wear contact lenses, but hygiene and responsibility are necessary. You just need to be accountable and sanitize your lenses to avoid potential diseases or infections.
Every person has specific corneal shape and vision requirements, and thus needs a specific contact lens. We ensure your contact lens is the right fit for you and helps you see 20/20 no matter what visual issue you have.
Yes, we will let you know whether you are eligible for Lasik during your basic eye examination. Just let us know if you are concerned about Lasik so that our optometrists can evaluate your eligibility for surgery. Our optometrists can also suggest the best Lasik surgeons.
No, we don’t offer Lasik service. However, our eye care team can examine your eligibility for Lasik and recommend you the best Lasik surgeons.
A cataract increases over time, therefore it’s highly recommended to remove it as soon as possible or once it begins hindering you. Once a cataract is removed, make sure to visit our optometrists regularly to ensure that they don’t reappear.
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